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With hot and dry conditions on both sides of the state, downed power lines are not de-energizing as you may expect. If you come across downed wires:

  • Communicate the hazard and confirm the message is received
  • Identify: Determine the entire extent of the hazard by visually tracking all lines, two poles in each direction, from the downed wire.
  • Isolate: Flag area around down wire hazards; post guard.
  • Deny entry: Delay firefighting actions until hazard identification and flagging is complete and/or confine actions to safe areas.
  • ALWAYS treat downed wires as energized!

We do not have the training / expertise to confirm if lines are de-energized. This takes a representative from the utility company.

Here’s a great training video on electrical hazards in wildland fire –  

Keep an eye on LMS in the future (October 2015) for a State Lands Webinar– Safe Forest Practices Near Power lines

Encourage review of Power line Safety in the IRPG (pages 24-25)