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Register your phone now

Klickitat County Emergency Management purchsed a mass notification system from Everbridge in 2013. As a result we now have the resources to be able to contact all registered participants at one time, or a selection of participants based on their geographic location and even based on their needs. The system is programmed with all of the hard line phones that are listed in the current White Pages of our local phone book. This, however represents only a small portion of the people in our county. As you probably already know,  cellular phones and other wireless devices are quickly taking the place of the hard line or wireline home phones.

As a result we need to establish a database of those communication devises that are not already loaded into the Everbridge database. On,  there is a tab named “register your phone”, simply push that tab, register yourself and any communication devices you have. The address associated with your device needs to be a Klickitat County address. By registering your device you can be assured you will be notified in event of a notification emergency.

If you have any questions you can contact me at 509 250-0528

Ed Powell

Klickitat County Emergency Management Director