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The Annual Firefighters Appreciation Dinner:  Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013
Fire Fighter’s Honored

Sunday evening Jan. 20th, Klickitat County Fire District No. 3 and White Salmon Fire held their third annual joint Fire Fighter Appreciation Dinner. The event was held at the district headquarters located at the Husum Fire Station 31. There were about 100 people in attendance consisting of fire district members, their families and members and families of the White Salmon fire department. All gathered to honor past and present members of both departments.

A prime rib dinner was served at 5:00 PM and was followed with presentation of awards by Assistant Fire Chief Jerry Nelson with KCFD#3 and Fire Chief Bill Hunsaker with White Salmon Fire. Chief Hunsaker started the awards ceremony with the presentation of plaques honoring members for their service above and beyond with firefighter of the year for White Salmon going to Firefighter Jerry Anson. Jerry responded to several major fire events and worked over 24 hours without a break during the Highway 141 fire. Cedar Willie received the junior firefighter of the year for her service as the junior firefighter.

Assistant Chief Nelson was next to recognize KCFD#3 members with plaques of appreciation for firefighter of the year going to Mike Renault for his service above and beyond with his participation as the district’s Fire Captain/Assistant Training Officer/EMT and EMS Officer. Firefighter Amy Long was also given a plaque of appreciation for the first “rookie” firefighter of the year for her long hours and dedication heading up the committee for the fire district’s first Spaghetti dinner held last fall. Amy was able to commit several contributors and donation for the silent auction that was held at the dinner and brought in over $3,000 for the volunteer firefighters association.

Three retirees, who left the fire district this year, were also honored. First honored was Firefighter Chuck Jacobs who had a combined 25 years with both White Salmon and KCFD#3. Chucks served as White Salmon’s training officer for several years and helped with maintenance and the building of  several fire stations. Chuck will come back to KCFD#3 as a noncombatant volunteer firefighter continuing to lend a hand helping with non-fire combatant needs. Next EMT Barbra Kuhlman who served 16 years with the fire district as an EMT/RN who helped the district personnel by administering the district flu shots and other vaccinations. Their service is a testament to the dedication of all volunteer firefighters serving our community.

AC Nelson pointed out there were several volunteers members who had joint membership in both departments thus starting to bridge the gap by working together as one department.
Our goal is to serve our fire district and White Salmon citizens with the best volunteer force we can muster. Working together saves lives.