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The extreme weather of the past weeks brought an awareness of the importance of our public servants.  Most of us were acutely aware of the need for immediate services from PUD employees and police and sheriff department officers.  Consider the urgency had a major fire happened at the height of the storm.   Some volunteer firefighters were snowed and iced in and would have been unable to respond.

As citizens we expect our volunteer firefighters and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel to come to our aid when needed without delay.  The dire weather clearly emphasized the need for more firefighters.

Like many other rural districts and small city fire departments Klickitat County Fire District 3 (KCFD3) is an all-volunteer firefighting/EMS district.  Unlike the PUD and law enforcement officers, its firefighters are not paid professionals doing this for a living.

The department has a good, reliant force of 26 firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMT), but with varying work schedules they may not all be available at any one time.  It actually takes around 60 or more volunteers to provide the strength of numbers required to meet the needs of our community.   Additional firefighters would assure that there is always availability of sufficient manpower.

KCFD3 is looking for both men and women who are not afraid to get involved, people who like challenging themselves and who would like to learn new life skills.  KCFD3 provides all the training and equipment needed to become a highly respected, well-trained volunteer firefighter.

There is also a junior firefighter program that starts at the age of 16 that allows trainees to become full-fledged  volunteer firefighters by the age of 18.

Serving your community is very satisfying.  All it takes is one night a week and a few weekends a year to be a highly trained volunteer firefighter.  You can make a huge difference in your community. For further information about becoming a volunteer firefighter contact KCFD3 at:

Call 493-2996
ask for Chief Virts or Assistant Chief Jerry Nelson